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Shenzhen Hongyuan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is currently the leading domestic medium and high-end light touch switch, shrapnel supplier, in 2017 won the national high-tech enterprise (No. GR2017442) title. In just three years, Hongyuan filled the gap in domestic shrapnel production. By the end of 2008, Hongyuan has successfully replaced the Japanese and Korean enterprises, become the light touch switch in the middle and high-end shrapnel supplier, one fell swoop to occupy more than 90% market share. Under the guidance of Hongyuan Precision, hundreds of light touch switch enterprises from the backward situation of simple assembly of imported parts, opened the road of localization of the whole chain, which has reduced the cost of Chinese enterprises by more than 1 billion yuan. Subsequently, the company continued its transformation and upgrading, realized the self-sufficiency of the whole product line of parts processing and the automation of the whole process, and developed a series of rigorous technological processes. At present, Hongyuan Precision has the capacity to produce 80 million light touch switches, 30 million silent silicone switches and 300 million shrapnel per month. Take the 2×4 light touch switch as an example, with a daily production capacity of 1500K, and the production capacity and product line of light touch switch are still being expanded.

At present, Hongyuan precision engineering research and development personnel account for more than 30%, owns more than 10 key industry patents and related software Copyrights, in the industry leading level. Relying on the internal flexible and efficient operation mechanism and rich technical experience, Hongyuan provides professional customized services for each customer. According to customer needs, Hongyuan can flexibly adjust the touch, strength and other parameters of the switch, effectively shorten the ODM cycle to 4 days.

Quality is the life of enterprises, customers are the power source of enterprise development, talent and technology is the premise of quality and development. Facing the future, Hongyuan Precision to create a "world light touch switch brand" as the strategic goal, adhere to the R&D investment, adhere to technological innovation and talent reserve, layout of automatic production intellectual property rights, layout of brand channels; Strive to achieve the next decade of take-off before the historical opportunity of 5G era through a complete research and development system, independent innovation of automated production system, strategic upgrading of the sales system. The pursuit of excellence, leading intelligent manufacturing, we are willing to work with customers, through the small touch switch, jointly open a more intelligent, beautiful future!

Certification information: IATF16949, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001:2007, RoHS

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