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High-end precision instruments rely heavily on imports adversely affect the development of the industry

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With the continuous expansion of international market demand, the testing machine industry is closely related to people's life has been rapid development, but due to technical reasons and other aspects of innovation, domestic and foreign testing machine industry is still a huge gap between the key and the lack of core technology, low repetition, stability and reliability of the product are not fundamental the solution is still heavily dependent on imports in the high-end precision instruments, imports adversely affect a large number of industrial development.
First, high-end general-purpose test equipment. Will concentrate on key breakthrough test equipment of a batch of China's demand for large, heavily dependent on imports, the price expensive, test equipment to overcome a number of core technologies and key components, to enhance the overall level of important test equipment, to break the foreign monopoly.
Second, the forefront of major test equipment. On the basis of our strategy in the world will be a new round of technological revolution in the deployment of a number of research and development with international leading level of the major test equipment, effective support for our country to carry out world-class scientific research, scientific research characteristics, drive the development of high-tech industries.
Third, the general test equipment. Science and technology departments will strengthen the co-ordination role, from the existing types of it projects (projects, funds) preferred test equipment or free capital development, by way of demonstration, after the implementation of subsidies, in order to make the domestic high-quality testing equipment has been widely used, the market share increased significantly, growth of test instrument equipment industry in china.
With the development of the national economy and the high and new technology industry, the modern test machine technology has become the development demand of our country. In 2020, with universities and research institutes as the main body, strengthen personnel training and related fields of common basic research; from 2021 to 2030, with enterprises as the main body, based on generic technology research, national economic and scientific research for the development of large, precision analysis instruments to carry out different performance and characteristics of the industrialization; by 2030, the quantum measurement standards and traceability.

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